Architectural bureau
Sochi 36
Sochi, Russia, Karavella Portugalii residential complex
36,3 м2
April 2020 – May 2021

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Lyudmila Dumin — visualizer
Olesya Kiyova — designer

Nothing extraneous

This apartment in the modern residential complex "Karavella Portugalii" in Sochi, on the seashore, is an example of thoughtful and serene design in a Scandinavian style with elements of neoclassicism. The interior is minimalist but far from devoid of character: it prioritizes functionality, original solutions, comfort, and meticulously arranged furniture placement.

Practicality and style

The apartment features a spacious shower with a toilet, a large wardrobe, and even a bedroom: we installed a transparent partition with curtains that offer excellent sound insulation properties.

Flexible solutions

The bed is placed on a platform that conceals an additional pull-out sleeping area. The TV is mounted on a bracket with a 360° rotation angle – it's visible from the kitchen area with the breakfast bar, the sofa area, and the bed. The breakfast bar also serves as cabinets from the kitchen side.

Natural shades

To visually expand the space and create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, we used finishing materials in soft beige and gray colors for the interior. Character in the space is created by tone-on-tone moldings, wall panels resembling noble wood, designer furniture, parquet flooring, and marble-like ceramic tiles with contrasting inserts.

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