Architectural bureau
Symbol 187
Moscow, Russia, «Symbol» residential complex
187 м2
October 2019

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Alina Stytsenko — designer
Ludmila Dumin — visualizer

Lots of fire

This spacious apartment in the premium residential complex "Symbol" in Lefortovo, Moscow, was designed as a space for parties. The interior is absolutely daring. It features lots of glass, mirrors, neon lighting, bold industrial loft-style elements, and audacious ideas, such as unique sculptures, ceiling panels imitating concrete, or walls that appear to be carved from stone.

Relaxation without rules

The space is divided into several zones: a kitchen for serving prepared food and making cocktails, private bedrooms, an office, a spacious hookah lounge with numerous sofas and ottomans, as well as a dance hall. However, the acoustic system allows music to fill all the rooms in the apartment. There is also a projector wall.

Hot ideas

In the center of the apartment, there is a shower with a tropical showerhead and transparent walls. In the master bedroom, there is a freestanding bathtub right by the window. As lighting accents, vertical light elements that provide soft lighting, designer light fixtures, and a luminous wall panel were used.

Aspects of character

The color scheme complements the slightly rugged and bold interior with a lot of gray and black, including a brick wall. However, there are also plenty of natural tones and materials resembling wood. There are large cozy swings by the window with excellent views, comfortable sofas, including in the office, soft chairs in the kitchen, and an ottoman in the dressing room, creating a harmonious look in the space.

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