Architectural bureau
House of actors of the Moscow art academic theatre
Moscow, Russia, Glinischevskiy lane
51,63 м2
November 2022

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Olesya Kiyova — architect
Vadim Osipov — visualizer
Contractor CUBA STROY

Rethinking Tradition

The "House of Actors of the Moscow Art Academic Theatre" in Glinischevsky Lane is not just a Stalinist building in the center of Moscow; it is a true landmark. Many famous individuals have lived here, including Olga Knipper-Chekhova, Alexander Kaidanovsky, Sergei Obraztsov, and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. The owner of this apartment is also an extraordinary individual who dreamed of a vibrant, eclectic, and non-boring space. We were able to combine Moroccan and classical English styles, resulting in a charged, dramatic mix that met all of the client's desires.

Combine without agitating

How do you unite the dazzlingly vibrant Moroccan tiles with a history spanning over 8 centuries and the strict, geometric Maltax tile that originated in Germany in the mid-19th century? The secret lies in the skillful selection of patterns and colors, as well as the alternation of bright and neutral-colored surfaces.

Morocco and Britain

Moroccan passions are ablaze in the living room and the bathroom. Take note of the Eastern patterned wall at the head of the bed, adorned with premium "Europlast" decor. However, the door and window portals with their strict moldings evoke a noble British style that seamlessly integrates vibrant color accents. The portals harmoniously blend with the Eastern exoticism thanks to the unifying dark blue hue.

The past has a future

We have filled the space of this apartment in the historic building with a sense of travel and artifacts from different layers of time. A vintage cabinet with intricate carving sits alongside a luxurious English sofa. Right nearby, in the kitchen area, there's a bright retro-futuristic refrigerator. Classic window shutters remind you of Portugal, especially next to the tiles from the Portuguese brand Topcer on the floor and walls. The rich, massive Orac Decor molding creates an atmosphere of an exotic palace. Here, the spirit of adventure reigns.

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