Architectural bureau
Skazka 115
Moscow, Russia, «Skazka» residential complex
114,58 м2
April 2020

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Alina Stytsenko — visualizer
Realization CUBA STROY

The main focus is the idea

How to increase the space by 34 square meters? It is possible if you wisely choose the apartment and entrust the project to professionals like us. This apartment in the premium residential complex "Skazka" in the Moscow suburbs is designed for a family with two children, so three bedrooms are essential. Fortunately, it had large floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, allowing us to construct a second floor where we placed two children's rooms with walk-in closets and a bathroom.

Overview of the apartment:

Warmth in the heart

The interior is designed in a neoclassical style. Take note of the gleaming mirrored wardrobe doors at the entrance to the apartment: like the kitchen, they are custom-made. This feeling of lightness and airiness permeates the entire apartment, which is decorated in light tones. The family's focal point is the cozy sofa by the bio fireplace and the television. We slightly extended the load-bearing column, which divides the living room space, to create symmetrical passages on both sides.

A fresh solution

The phytowall above the round dining table looks like a work of art. It features built-in lighting and an automatic watering system. Since we executed this project on a turnkey basis, we were able to meticulously plan every detail during the project's execution. Take note of the decorative panels covering the radiators beneath the soft windowsill: we constructed a special gypsum board structure for their installation.

Minor style details

We always pay tremendous attention to the quality of materials. To install a stylish radiator by the panoramic windows, we chose the designer floor-standing radiator Savva KN. For the bathroom sink, we found a unique brass faucet from the Japanese brand Omoikiri Kanto with a flexible hose and filtered water supply. The Italian freestanding bathtub by Belbagno became the centerpiece of the main bathroom.

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