Architectural bureau
iLove 66
Moscow, Russia, "iLove" residential complex
65,61 м2
July 2023

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Olesya Kiyova — architect
Pavel Saifert — visualizer

A unique perspective

For this apartment in the stylish and modern Moscow residential complex ILOVE, we came up with something special: a sleek and minimalist design that incorporates ideas of privacy and transparency simultaneously. There's nothing excessive here, yet there's room for bold experimentation. Just the bathtub alone, placed on a platform near the window in the bedroom, is a testament to that!

Transparent ideas

When working on the layout, we started with the zoning proposed by the developer but managed to come up with a creative solution to visually expand the space. We merged the kitchen and living area, removing the wall that separated the corridor. Now, the light from the large panoramic windows illuminates the corridor area. Some of the partitions are made from tinted transparent glass and elegant bronze mirror panels.

Hidden beauty

Since the living area is combined with the kitchen, we designed a special kitchen structure, complementing it with handleless sliding fronts. Behind these fronts, there are shelves for dishes and appliances. With the doors closed, the kitchen cabinets transform into a sleek wall, visually decluttering the space.

The power of nature

A see-through bio fireplace transforms this open space – the flames look surprisingly harmonious in this restrained, masculine interior. There is a lot of natural stone and wood here, and various shades of coffee, chocolate, and walnut, of different saturations, make the space warm, despite its technological and minimalist design. Italian soft furniture and cozy ottomans support the theme of comfort.

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