Architectural bureau
Federation 158
Moscow, Russia, "Federation" tower
157,92 м2
December 2022

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Olesya Kiyova — designer
Vadim Osipov — visualizer

A place you want to return to

The design project for a premium office space in the unique 95-story Federation Tower in Moscow City was an exciting challenge for us. We reconfigured the layout of the space and then prepared two design projects for the future office's open space. The tenant will make the final decision on which one to choose.

Openness and transparency

In both projects, the initial layout plays a significant role, which we developed based on the principles of psychological zoning. We've established an executive office/meeting area with glass partitions acting as walls. This solution visually expands the space and creates a sense of openness within the company. A kitchen area was added, and the restroom was expanded and relocated to ensure convenience for every employee.

Working in the Jungle

In the space we've created, you'll find numerous textured 3D decorative panels by Orac Decor, which are paintable. These wall panels are surrounded by light profiles that provide a soothing diffused light. To infuse energy and dynamics into the space, we've used a contrast of light panels against dark velvet-blue ceilings and walls. Stylish linear lighting fixtures are integrated into the panels. We've covered the ceiling with a special sound-absorbing foam by Techno Sonus to ensure proper sound distribution in the office and make it comfortable for employees to work. Decorative metal moldings and track lighting are placed below the ceiling.

Details in life

You have the option to choose between two office workspace designs: soft lavender-toned panels/partitions that fully enclose employees from each other, or darker, more substantial, and lower partitions complemented by lush green potted plants. Bright and bold abstract paintings on the walls stimulate the imagination.

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