Architectural bureau
Beijing Gardens 77
Moscow, Russia, «Beijing Gardens» residential complex
77 м2
August 2020

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Olesya Kiyova — designer visualizer

The perfect combination

The apartment is located in the elite "Beijing Gardens" apartment complex in the center of Moscow, with its own rooftop lounge area. It offers a splendid panoramic view of the historical center. The apartment we designed belongs to a respectable individual with refined taste who travels a lot. Therefore, we created the perfect space for relaxation and rejuvenation: minimalistic yet cozy.

Minimalistic Chic

For us, the challenge was to place all the rooms in such a way that in this elongated apartment, the light from two large windows would illuminate the corridor area. We found a solution. Generally, there's plenty of light here: it softly radiates around the wall panels and ceiling, with additional lights, sconces, or floor lamps in each room. Light elements frame the hallway area. Instead of color accents in this minimalist, almost monochromatic space, we created a play of lines: the parquet floor made from boards of different widths looks unexpectedly witty, and the space is transformed by a natural stone table with a complex, wild natural pattern, elegant lamps, and Italian Minotti furniture.

Elegant accents

Take a look at the wall decor: areas where TV screens are placed are accentuated with contrasting colored wall panels. They are elongated and asymmetrically positioned to visually expand the space. In the master bedroom and living room, special attention was paid to creating vertical elements that make the rooms appear taller: this includes the portal in the bedroom, flowing curtains, and a wall panel by the window in the living room. The Italian Rimadesio wardrobe system with a black aluminum frame, doors, and transparent glass shelves looks striking and maintains the feeling of lightness and airiness in the interior.

Rich history

We couldn't ignore the owner's love for travel: the ceramic granite floor in the hallway incorporates beautifully intricate vintage cast iron plates from the Tula region. In the bathroom decor, we used original mosaic pieces discovered by European archaeologists.

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