Architectural bureau
Moscow, Russia, ZHK «EGODOM»
150 м2
September 2023

Lilia Chebotareva — art director
Olesya Kiyova — architectural designer
Vadim Osipov — rendering artist

Refinement and luxury

A spacious apartment in the EGODOM premium-class residential complex in Moscow is an example of a noble interior in an eclectic style based on the classics, with elements of minimalism. There is nothing boring or ordinary here, every detail speaks of the refined taste of the owners and their out-of-the-box thinking. Check out the charismatic shutters at the panoramic windows, which have become an alternative to boring blinds and curtains, as well as the strict and seasoned style of premium Italian cuisine Toncelli.

Bold decisions

The main place in the apartment is occupied by the living room area with a unique chandelier that looks like a work of art. We have designed the space in such a way that the space is filled with light: this living room has four windows. Pay attention to the charismatic shutters at panoramic windows, which have become an alternative to boring blinds and curtains.

Bright and noble style

Both the men's and women's bedrooms, as well as the bathrooms, have a lot of bright details: Affresco handmade wallpaper, decorative panels, contrasting framing of portals and windows, an interesting combination of veneer finishes and marble textures, designer turquoise ceramic tiles in the bathroom, bright unusual pieces of furniture, a fantastic wine cabinet that seems to be a museum value.

Bright thoughts

Light occupies a special place in the interior. Vertical light panels illuminate doors, shelves, walls and ceilings, bird-shaped lamps become an accent in the bathroom, minimalist track ceiling lighting is combined with original light installations. And mirror surfaces pick up and scatter light rays.

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