Architectural bureau
Olimpyiskiy 45
Moscow, Russia, Durova st.
45 м2
October 2020

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Nikolay Suprunenko — designer and visualizer
Realization CUBA STROY

The character sets the tone

Here's another example of an incredibly compact yet functional layout. This Moscow apartment belongs to a very unique young woman who loves to read and has a good sense of fashion. That's why there are many bookshelves here, and the wardrobe was planned very carefully. Transparent doors from the cozy and delicate bedroom with an original plaster fireplace lead to it.

Overview of the apartment:

A bit of Magic

Is it possible to make low ceilings appear taller visually? Yes, there are many ways to do so. We chose light shades for the walls, incorporated concealed, glowing lights into a suspended ceiling, and also selected tall interior doors. Belgian interior stucco decor and Orac Decor moldings emphasize the refined elegance and the taste of the homeowner, while also zoning the space.

Total comfort

The kitchen-living room appears spacious and comfortable: the breakfast bar seamlessly extends from the kitchen countertop with an artificial stone sink and serves as a dining table. It also helps to zone the room, creating a distinct living area with a cozy sofa. A retractable projector screen can appear between them – it's integrated into the ceiling. Since there are two windows in this space, it feels roomy, even though we altered the layout to create space for a comfortable and spacious entryway.

Original design accents

For this interior, we chose understated colors like ivory, creamy shades of gray and beige, olive, and brown. However, the bathroom was an exception. Take note of the unique room zoning. The bathtub is partially concealed in a niche, and a powerful exhaust hood is installed above it. The absence of excess moisture in the room allowed us to use wallpaper for decor and install a crystal chandelier. The wallpaper's color is bright and inspiring.

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