Architectural bureau
Neva 57
Moscow, Russia, NEVA TOWERS
57 м2
September 2022

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Olesya Kiyova — designer
Vadim Osipov — visualizer
Contractor CUBA STROY

Panoramic view

We created these apartments with immense inspiration - the panoramic windows of the "Neva Towers" complex in Moscow City create a unique and empowering atmosphere. The apartment boasts incredibly high ceilings (340 cm), which add to the sense of space and airiness. We had a certain creative freedom, as the apartment was intended for rental.

Bold solutions

We began with a radical redesign, creating a spacious, elegant, and practical kitchen-living area with a kitchen island, a wine cabinet, and a built-in bio fireplace. The narrow and non-functional corridor disappeared, and in its place, a new corridor emerged with space for roomy and stylish cabinets. We allocated a space for a washing and drying machine, a boiler, and a toilet. The master bedroom, separated from the living area by a mirrored door, is now connected with a transparent partition, allowing you to enjoy the views from the living room windows. We also included curtains for this unique feature.

Space for imagination

Mirrors and glass became the highlight of the project. The mirror opposite the bed in the bedroom visually expands the space and creates an intimate atmosphere. Mirrored panels on the ceiling in the living room provide a sense of freedom. Tinted glass cabinet doors convey openness and transparency - the vibrant items stored behind them complement this open and monochromatic space with their ideas.

Vertical lines

Another feature of the project is the play of vertical and horizontal elements. The vertical lines in the decorative 3D panels by Orac Decor (with the same premium brand for the molding) are complemented by linear lighting, creating a visual harmony with the contrasting profiles of ceramic granite on the floor.

Warm details

We managed to select design elements that add character and atmosphere, such as a full moon-shaped light fixture, handcrafted wallpaper featuring Japanese koi fish, a bio fireplace, which is unexpected in the refined and technologically advanced "Moscow-City." The soft wall panels in the living room are made from a tactile and pleasant material called Alcantara.

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