Architectural bureau
Headliner 31
Moscow, Russia, "Headliner" residential complex
31,10 м2
February – August 2020

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Alina Stytsenko — architect and visualizer
Realization CUBA STROY

Coziness all in one place

This studio in the business-class residential complex "Headliner" presented us with a rare opportunity to create a highly functional space within a very small area. The apartment is elongated in shape but features a large panoramic window. Stylish glass partitions, which separate the bedroom from the living area and the shower, allow sunlight to pass through, preserving natural lighting in the windowless area. Furthermore, these partitions are much thinner than traditional walls and don't take up as much space.

Careful Balance

We meticulously selected decor in expressive yet neutral tones because the studio was intended for rental. An Ikea mirrored wardrobe complements designer lighting and soft furnishings. In a small apartment, every detail is important: symmetrically placed decorative shelves further zone the space, and sliding slatted panels under the window not only conceal radiators but also storage areas.

Total relaxation

The sleeping area sets the mood for the entire space: soft wall panels with brass inserts, a large bed, an aristocratic portal around the window, wide window sills with soft cushions. All that was left was to add a touch of fire, and the built-in bio fireplace assumed this role.

Unconventional solutions

The shower became the centerpiece of the interior: it's spacious and elegantly designed, featuring a tropical rain showerhead, and the sink and toilet have their own separate rooms. The compact kitchen with a premium-class extractor hood is not cluttered with overhead cabinets; open shelves give it an airy look. It's equipped with everything you need.

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