Architectural bureau
Orlov 108
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, "Graf Orlov" residential complex
107,79 м2
November 2022

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Olesya Kiyova — designer
Vadim Osipov — visualizer

The grace of maturity

This spacious apartment in the St. Petersburg business-class residential complex "Graf Orlov" is an example of an interior designed in the style of refined and elegant neoclassicism. The apartment owners are mature individuals with excellent taste. In the design project, we aimed to maintain pearly gray and natural beige-sand tones.

Geometry sets the character

The semi-circular shape of the apartment is complemented by numerous pleasingly rounded elements, from the stylish extractor hood to premium-class lighting fixtures from "Centrsvet" and "Evrosvet," decorative elements on the walls, and armchairs. Most of the tables in the apartment are round, adding to the overall harmonious design.

The form and content

When developing the layout, we were constrained by load-bearing walls. However, we managed to open up the living area to make the apartment appear more spacious, expand the corridor to make it more functional and add cabinets. The apartment now includes a large kitchen with a kitchen island and dining area, a living room with a bio fireplace, a master bedroom, an office, a storage room, and a bathroom.

Gentle neoclassicism

We aimed to preserve the lightness and purity of space, making it modern and respectable. Elements of the classical order system, typical of neoclassical style in interior design, are represented here by the very layout of the apartment with its enfilade of rooms. Other style features include minimalist refined moldings that we used to decorate the walls, as well as finishing panels around the fireplace, simulating columns.

Charismatic details

As an accent, we incorporated metallic elements in bronze and brass tones. Metal was used for cabinet handles, shelving, table and chair bases, some decorative panels, and lighting fixtures, adding a charismatic touch to the design.

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