Architectural bureau
Beregovoy 62
Moscow, Russia, «Beregovoy» residential complex
62 м2
March 2022

Lilia Chebotareva — designer
Olesya Kiyova — designer
Ludmila Dumin — visualizer

Air and light

We designed this apartment in the "Beregovoy" residential complex in Moscow for the owner who loves to travel and values new experiences. Our goal was to create a light, adaptable space. There is a lot of glass with lighting, mirrors, and lighting elements from "Centrsvet," creating the illusion of hovering in the air. We selected only premium materials, including sockets and switches, and all the built-in furniture was custom-made based on our specially designed drawings for the project.

Transparent beauty

We began by adjusting the layout to meet all current technical requirements. We were able to reduce the overly long and non-functional corridor and visually expand the room spaces by replacing some of the walls with sliding and folding partitions with ribbed, matte, patterned, or mirrored surfaces. In the shower room, we installed a tropical shower from the Spanish company Noken and a heated bench, reminiscent of a Turkish hammam.

Originality in every detail

The hallway is designed in muted tones that expand the space. An original solution that creates a special atmosphere is the gallery, consisting of a boudoir area with a shower and a washing area, as well as a dressing room. Through the gallery, you enter the master zone with a custom-made bed based on our drawings. The sliding door leading to the bedroom is unique, with full-length mirrors installed on each side of the door.

Richness of textures

The combination of warm brown and gray shades, richly textured finishing materials, especially Italian porcelain stoneware, decorative 3D wall panels from Orac Decor, and contrasting color accents create character and individuality. Pay attention to the window recess trim - we decorated them with thin porcelain stoneware of the same color as the frames chosen by the developer.

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