Architectural bureau
Implementation and construction support
We choose contractors

To select the best contractors, we hold a tender. We receive several options and, together with you, choose the most optimal one. The next step is the process of aligning the stages of project implementation with specified timelines.

We create a procurement plan

We develop a procurement plan in accordance with the construction schedule. Financing is provided in stages, allowing for more efficient budget allocation, timely responses to circumstances, and the submission of claims to suppliers as necessary. We also monitor logistics and handle all communications with contractors.

We provide architectural supervision

At each stage, we monitor the construction process to ensure it aligns with the project, offering guidance to the builders based on the drawings. If necessary, we can make on-site adjustments to the plans and clarify details. Rest assured, we will find the best solutions, coordinate the work of contractors, and resolve any contentious issues.

We bring it to perfection

When the main construction work is complete, it's time to add the finishing touches and celebrate the housewarming. For this, we bring together all the elements that create the desired atmosphere. We oversee everything, from hanging curtains to arranging decorative elements.

Your dream home will be in perfect condition when you move in. You can invite guests and throw an exquisite housewarming celebration.

By the way, if you'd like, we can also organize a photo session with top photographers for your home and for you. We're sure you'll want to capture the most memorable moments of your encounter with your Beloved Home!

Discuss the project
Customer reviews

I am absolutely delighted with your work! You created a cozy and stylish space for me where it's pleasant to be.

The unique visualization and original ideas of the designers helped me fulfill my dream of a stylish and comfortable home. Thank you!

MARMUR provided an individual approach and created a magnificent apartment project. I am satisfied with every detail!

You did everything even better than I expected. I recommend you to everyone, you are cool professionals! Quality and style are top-notch.

Collaboration with Marmur exceeded all our expectations. They created for us a spacious and functional home that meets all our needs.

Initially, I didn't have a clear understanding of the exact style I wanted for the interior of the apartment. They talked to me, asked about preferences in color combinations, about my wishes. In the end, I am very satisfied with both the communication with the team and the result of my apartment!

Collaboration with the architectural bureau was simply fantastic! Our apartment looks incredibly stylish and functional. Thanks for your professionalism!

I was impressed by the level of professionalism and creativity. You created a unique and absolutely distinctive design for the apartment, considering all my wishes and requirements. Every detail of your work reflects your talent and passionate commitment to the profession.

I have a studio in 'Headliner' in the center of Moscow. The guys from Marmur - Dmitry and Victoria - developed a design project for my studio! In my life, I have encountered many interior designers, but I have never met such responsible, creative, and friendly guys! Highly recommend! The best!

I turned to the company Marmur - design&architecture with a request to carry out a 'from scratch' renovation in a 45 sq. meter apartment in a Stalinist building, including the demolition of all walls and creating a new layout. All my wishes were heard, and the visual concept of the apartment was brought to perfection, taking into account all my aesthetic preferences (without imposing their opinion, which was extremely important to me, as designers often don't listen to clients' requests, pushing their taste preferences). The apartment is a UNIFIED space, where there are three main colors, well-thought-out interior details, connected to each other, giving a sense of harmony and coziness. Thank you!