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The development of a design project

A home is the external embodiment of its owner's inner world. It provides a shelter from prying eyes and, at the same time, can tell more about its owner than the most attentive biography. Some people love solitude and quiet, while others enjoy guests and lively parties.

We understand that each personality requires a special interior. By creating an atmosphere of absolute comfort for you, we harmonize shapes and lines, carefully select shades and textures of finishing materials, consider personal preferences and individual needs. We organize a space where one wants to live.

Mandatory formalities

If you liked our proposal and would like to proceed, the first step is to enter into a contract. In the contract, we will document all the important aspects: timelines for the work, payment terms, obligations, and responsibilities of both parties. We will prepare invoices, provide reports, and closing documents. Plus, you'll have a personal manager!

Commencing work on the design project

We are confident that you know which interiors inspire you. Show them to us! This will help us better understand your stylistic preferences and enable us to make a perfectly fitting proposal.

We provide a short, pleasant questionnaire to make it easier for you to express your wishes in detail. We created it specifically to help clients articulate their preferences easily, and for us to understand and translate them from a human perspective into technical terms.

We also agree on the budget for the project before we begin. If you have any specific preferences regarding the brands of materials and interior items to be used, it's essential to record them at this stage.

Transforming dreams into plans

This stage is called "developing spatial planning solutions". It's about solutions because we provide several options. You choose the one that suits you best - the most comfortable and in line with your spirit.

We create beautiful, understandable images

Visualization begins with sketches and the preparation of 2D collages that help determine the overall stylistic direction. First, we agree on the general idea, and only then do we move on to the details. At this stage, modern technologies assist us in making the images more realistic. We use 3D visualization tools.

3D Visualization

You'll agree that it's challenging to envision yourself in a three-dimensional space of your future home when looking at a flat image. However, 3D technologies aid the imagination and bring you closer to reality. With their help, you can take a short video journey through the rooms and other spaces of the house of your dreams.

We outline the details

Once again, it's time to take up the pencil! Oh, I apologize, I meant to say, we sit down at the computer and use a specialized program to create a plan. We'll mark on the plan how many electrical outlets and switches there will be, how the lighting will be organized, and where household appliances will be located. We'll also outline the placement of built-in furniture. This plan serves as a guide for technical specialists for lighting and equipment setup.

We calculate the budget

Once every detail is considered, and every light fixture and decor element is taken into account, it's time to create an estimate. After all, we must stay within the agreed budget! The estimate will be itemized by cost categories: finishing materials, decor, electrical work, plumbing, and so on. Everything will be transparent and clear.

We hand over the materials

The final design project will be elegantly presented in both printed and electronic formats. We provide the client with all the folders containing drawings and documents for the builders. Congratulations, you are now ready to bring your dream project to life! And we will remain in touch, ready to listen to all your comments and excitement. We are confident you will love it!

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Customer reviews

I am absolutely delighted with your work! You created a cozy and stylish space for me where it's pleasant to be.

The unique visualization and original ideas of the designers helped me fulfill my dream of a stylish and comfortable home. Thank you!

MARMUR provided an individual approach and created a magnificent apartment project. I am satisfied with every detail!

You did everything even better than I expected. I recommend you to everyone, you are cool professionals! Quality and style are top-notch.

Collaboration with Marmur exceeded all our expectations. They created for us a spacious and functional home that meets all our needs.

Initially, I didn't have a clear understanding of the exact style I wanted for the interior of the apartment. They talked to me, asked about preferences in color combinations, about my wishes. In the end, I am very satisfied with both the communication with the team and the result of my apartment!

Collaboration with the architectural bureau was simply fantastic! Our apartment looks incredibly stylish and functional. Thanks for your professionalism!

I was impressed by the level of professionalism and creativity. You created a unique and absolutely distinctive design for the apartment, considering all my wishes and requirements. Every detail of your work reflects your talent and passionate commitment to the profession.

I have a studio in 'Headliner' in the center of Moscow. The guys from Marmur - Dmitry and Victoria - developed a design project for my studio! In my life, I have encountered many interior designers, but I have never met such responsible, creative, and friendly guys! Highly recommend! The best!

I turned to the company Marmur - design&architecture with a request to carry out a 'from scratch' renovation in a 45 sq. meter apartment in a Stalinist building, including the demolition of all walls and creating a new layout. All my wishes were heard, and the visual concept of the apartment was brought to perfection, taking into account all my aesthetic preferences (without imposing their opinion, which was extremely important to me, as designers often don't listen to clients' requests, pushing their taste preferences). The apartment is a UNIFIED space, where there are three main colors, well-thought-out interior details, connected to each other, giving a sense of harmony and coziness. Thank you!