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Home is a source of life.

It's a place of magical power, where it's safe, and you can be yourself.

Every home is a reflection of its owner's inner world.

A home begins with the flight of your dream.

Close your eyes and imagine the home of your dreams: what's in the living room, where is the kitchen and the access to the terrace? Take a stroll around all floors and rooms. Visualize the interiors of the bedrooms, the fireplace, the library, and the family head's study. Perhaps, for you, a gym and a pool are a priority. Or the main part of your home is a spacious children's playroom? Release your dream to soar and describe even the tiniest details. This way, our first meeting will be as productive as possible.

We're landing and securing now.

Next, let's try it on for size: 'plant' your dream home on an actual plot. Will it fit? Proportionality is one of the fundamental characteristics that ensure comfortable living. It's equally important to consider the terrain of the plot and correctly orient the building in relation to the directions of light. Think in advance about which windows will greet the sunrise, where it's best to enjoy the sunset, and where shading is permissible. Now, let's move on to the structure's design and external elements. Here, it's important not only to focus on aesthetics but also on the ecological nature of the materials used and the safety of the constructions.

Proper planning will allow you to admire and efficiently use the earthly embodiment of your dream for many years to come.

Aligning the exterior and interior

This stage is called 'developing a spatial planning solution.' It involves intellectual and analytical work, resulting in the sketches of the future home. We will offer several architectural design options to choose from, which will seamlessly blend the external appearance and internal space so that every minute of your future life is surrounded by comfort and care.

When creating the architecture of the home, we consider the purpose of each room, plan communication systems, design ventilation, and drainage. Harmony between the external and internal is of utmost importance to us. Do you want your home to be not only beautiful but also smart? We will propose modern solutions and help you make the right choice.

Securing and preserving

The exterior design is not just about aesthetics; it's also a way to extend the life of your home, preserving it for future generations. Are you thinking about a safe future? Then pay attention to the technological aspects of exterior finishing. Well-chosen materials will protect the walls from moisture and temperature fluctuations, retaining the accumulated warmth inside the house during the winter and moderate coolness in the summer heat. We will ensure that the care for the home's preservation does not compromise its external aesthetics.

Preparing the documents

Once the dream's mirage has gained clarity, it's time to move on to implementation. But how do you explain to the construction team what we've come up with? You need instructions, and these are fulfilled by blueprints and technical plans. They enable us to provide builders with specific guidelines for erecting a real building that replicates your dream down to the millimeter. Upon your request, we can also provide architectural supervision of the process to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

We visualize and fill with content

This stage allows us to get a glimpse of the future. It involves creating collages and 3D visualizations that showcase stylistic solutions for interior decoration. At the same time, we prepare all the working documentation for the design of the interior space of each room and auxiliary areas. For more details on this, please refer to the 'Design Project Development' section.

We bring it to life

We have confidence in our architectural solutions and are happy to assist in bringing your vision to its logical conclusion. At your request, we can oversee the construction at every stage, from the foundation to the interior and placement of furniture inside the house. Do you want to enhance the exterior as well? We can help with landscaping design.

Congratulations on your new home!

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Customer reviews

I am absolutely delighted with your work! You created a cozy and stylish space for me where it's pleasant to be.

The unique visualization and original ideas of the designers helped me fulfill my dream of a stylish and comfortable home. Thank you!

MARMUR provided an individual approach and created a magnificent apartment project. I am satisfied with every detail!

You did everything even better than I expected. I recommend you to everyone, you are cool professionals! Quality and style are top-notch.

Collaboration with Marmur exceeded all our expectations. They created for us a spacious and functional home that meets all our needs.

Initially, I didn't have a clear understanding of the exact style I wanted for the interior of the apartment. They talked to me, asked about preferences in color combinations, about my wishes. In the end, I am very satisfied with both the communication with the team and the result of my apartment!

Collaboration with the architectural bureau was simply fantastic! Our apartment looks incredibly stylish and functional. Thanks for your professionalism!

I was impressed by the level of professionalism and creativity. You created a unique and absolutely distinctive design for the apartment, considering all my wishes and requirements. Every detail of your work reflects your talent and passionate commitment to the profession.

I have a studio in 'Headliner' in the center of Moscow. The guys from Marmur - Dmitry and Victoria - developed a design project for my studio! In my life, I have encountered many interior designers, but I have never met such responsible, creative, and friendly guys! Highly recommend! The best!

I turned to the company Marmur - design&architecture with a request to carry out a 'from scratch' renovation in a 45 sq. meter apartment in a Stalinist building, including the demolition of all walls and creating a new layout. All my wishes were heard, and the visual concept of the apartment was brought to perfection, taking into account all my aesthetic preferences (without imposing their opinion, which was extremely important to me, as designers often don't listen to clients' requests, pushing their taste preferences). The apartment is a UNIFIED space, where there are three main colors, well-thought-out interior details, connected to each other, giving a sense of harmony and coziness. Thank you!