Architectural bureau

We are a multifunctional company that includes architectural, design, and engineering departments.

Our goal is to create unique, modern, high-level architecture.

Years in the market

Our architectural bureau is experienced and a solid reputation for delivery, which we have built during the past 12 years. We have led on numerous projects, accumulating valuable experience in a range of architectural fields. Over the years, we have improved our skills and work methodologies to provide our clients with the highest level of professional service.

> 280
Successful projects

Our company takes pride in a portfolio of more than 280 successful projects. We develop unique and innovative concepts, creating functional and beautiful spaces for our clients. Our designs reflect the needs and tastes of our clients while meeting the requirements of modern architecture. Our team guarantees high-quality work, and pays attention to every detail of the project.

Employees in our team

Our architectural company has a strong team of 40 talented and dedicated professionals including experienced architects, designers, and engineers with diverse skills. We combine our energy and talents to provide our clients with an individual approach and the perfect solution for each project. Our team strives to exceed client expectations and create projects that inspire with their functionality and aesthetics.

Our skills enable us to take on the whole process, from drafting technical specifications to conducting comprehensive engineering surveys and developing concepts to engineering and construction design.
Our clients
Where has MARMUR worked?
EGODOM Clubhouse
2 Design Project

"Egodom" is a residential complex near Sokolniki Park. It is a modern elite-class project consisting of two brick buildings, 16 and 9 stories high. Both buildings feature a striking exterior with predominant vertical strict lines and well-proportioned design.

Capital's Heart residential complex
6 Design Projects

"The Heart of the Capital" is a landmark project, recognized by experts and the Moscow government. The quarter has long captured the affection of Muscovites due to its modern appearance, friendly landscaping, and exceptionally convenient location.

Beregovoy residential complex
3 Design Projects

A business-class residential quarter on the Moscow River embankment in the prestigious Filatov Park area, Western Administrative District. It features a closed inner courtyard with landscaped greenery and direct access to the quiet, well-maintained embankment of the Moscow River.

Skazka residential complex
1 Design Project

"Skazka" Residential Complex is a low-rise development in the floodplain of the Istra River with unique architecture. Artificial stone and Japanese KMEW panels, imitating wood, are used for facade finishing.

Renaissance Park residential complex
2 Design Project
1 Architectural project

"Renaissance Park" is the beauty of nature and the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. The settlement is divided into zones: quiet and lively. In the private part, there are minimal public areas and maximum seclusion. In the lively part, there are a park, a restaurant complex, and a beach.

Academician Pavlov residential complex
1 Design Project

"Academician Pavlov" is located in the environmentally friendly area of Kuntsevo. Nearby, there are green parks, sports clubs, kindergartens, schools, and shops.

DISCOVERY PARK residential complex
2 Design Project

Discovery Park is a comfortable and inspiring place to live in the northern part of the capital. Four 30-story towers are named after great dreamers who made significant discoveries— Mendeleev, Newton, Aristotle, and Da Vinci.

4 Design Project

Neva Towers is a premium-class apartment complex located in the Moscow-City business district on Presnenskaya Embankment with its own developed infrastructure and a rooftop park. The concept of the residential complex is a "house without borders." It consists of two towers, 63 and 77 stories high, situated on a common 4-story stylobate.

Botanical garden life residential complex
1 Design Project

Adjacent to the LIFE-Botanical Garden residential quarter is one of the most amazing park areas in Moscow – the Main Botanical Garden named after N.V. Tsitsin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A foundation greenhouse, Japanese garden, and a rich collection of decorative plants offer the beauty of nature near your home.

Ostrov residential complex
2 Design Project

Premium houses surrounded by a river and 650 hectares of natural parks, a super-modern self-sufficient infrastructure, well-thought-out public spaces, and innovative and ecological solutions in construction and landscaping.

MILLENNIUM PARK residential complex
1 Design Project

MILLENNIUM PARK is located on Novaya Riga. In this elite settlement, a modern and secure infrastructure has been created for an ideal life, including 5 parks, 7 lakes, children's and sports playgrounds, a restaurant with author's cuisine, a snow-white beach, and blooming gardens. The main feature is the 5 km-long water channels, earning the settlement its second name - "Russian Venice."

Garden Quarters residential complex
2 Design Project

"Garden Quarters" consists of five club-house quarters with apartments in Khamovniki. The quarters are situated around a pond of almost 4000 m2. The entire complex's private territory is a pedestrian zone. There are several children's playgrounds and a large play area.

Symbol residential complex
5 Design Project

The business-class quarter SYMBOL is a city space of a new generation in the historical district of Lefortovo. The bionic architecture of SYMBOL transformed Lefortovo into a super-modern and fashionable space. Spacious apartments in SYMBOL offer excellent views of the city and the new "Green River" park, "flowing" through all the quarters of the complex for 2 km.

Federation multifunctional complex
2 Design Project

The "Federation Tower" Multifunctional Complex, erected in the Presnensky district of the capital, consists of two multi-storey monolithic sections, 62 and 97 stories high. The residential part of the complex includes comfortable spacious apartments of "elite" and "premium" classes.

Clubhouse gardens of beijing
1 Design Project

The "Gardens of Beijing" Residential Complex is an elite quarter for those who want to always be in the center of Moscow's business and social life while maintaining complete privacy and protection from urban noise.

Customer reviews

I am absolutely delighted with your work! You created a cozy and stylish space for me where it's pleasant to be.

The unique visualization and original ideas of the designers helped me fulfill my dream of a stylish and comfortable home. Thank you!

MARMUR provided an individual approach and created a magnificent apartment project. I am satisfied with every detail!

You did everything even better than I expected. I recommend you to everyone, you are cool professionals! Quality and style are top-notch.

Collaboration with Marmur exceeded all our expectations. They created for us a spacious and functional home that meets all our needs.

Initially, I didn't have a clear understanding of the exact style I wanted for the interior of the apartment. They talked to me, asked about preferences in color combinations, about my wishes. In the end, I am very satisfied with both the communication with the team and the result of my apartment!

Collaboration with the architectural bureau was simply fantastic! Our apartment looks incredibly stylish and functional. Thanks for your professionalism!

I was impressed by the level of professionalism and creativity. You created a unique and absolutely distinctive design for the apartment, considering all my wishes and requirements. Every detail of your work reflects your talent and passionate commitment to the profession.

I have a studio in 'Headliner' in the center of Moscow. The guys from Marmur - Dmitry and Victoria - developed a design project for my studio! In my life, I have encountered many interior designers, but I have never met such responsible, creative, and friendly guys! Highly recommend! The best!

I turned to the company Marmur - design&architecture with a request to carry out a 'from scratch' renovation in a 45 sq. meter apartment in a Stalinist building, including the demolition of all walls and creating a new layout. All my wishes were heard, and the visual concept of the apartment was brought to perfection, taking into account all my aesthetic preferences (without imposing their opinion, which was extremely important to me, as designers often don't listen to clients' requests, pushing their taste preferences). The apartment is a UNIFIED space, where there are three main colors, well-thought-out interior details, connected to each other, giving a sense of harmony and coziness. Thank you!