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Interior doors in the apartment

Interior doors play an important role in the interior design of the apartment. They not only divide the space into rooms, but can also be a stylish and functional design element. In this article we will tell you about the role of interior doors in the interior and how to choose them so that they perfectly match the overall style of your apartment.

Style and materials:

When choosing interior doors, it is important to take into account the overall style of the interior of your apartment. If your interior has a modern style, then you should pay attention to smooth doors with minimalistic decorative elements. If your apartment is made in a classic style, it is better to choose doors with carved decorative elements.Also, the choice of material affects the overall appearance of the doors. Wooden doors add comfort and warmth to the interior, and glass doors add light and space. Metal doors are suitable for modern and high-tech interiors.


The color of interior doors can be both contrasting and combined with the color scheme of the walls and the overall interior. If you want to draw attention to the door and create an accent in the interior, choose a door of contrasting color or with a bright finish. If you want the door to merge with the overall style of the interior, choose a door in the same color or in additional shades that are in harmony with the overall palette.

The shape and decor:

The shape and decorative elements of interior doors can enhance the style and character of your interior. Various panel shapes and carved elements can add sophistication and elegance to the design of a room. Stylized handles and decorative elements on the doors can also become an interesting accent in the interior.


In addition to aesthetic qualities, interior doors should also be functional. Think about how much privacy and sound insulation you need in each room. Choose doors with good sound insulation if you want to isolate sounds from room to room. Also consider the overall functionality of the doors, such as ventilation and accessibility for use.

Interior doors are important for creating a functional and beautiful interior.